2017 – Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize, Finalist

“Ruurs writes purely and warmly, with the text set in both English and Raheem’s Arabic translation on each page, of a family who become refugees. She deftly conveys the happiness of peaceful childhood, then the confusion and the fears born of war and migration, and the relief and curiosity of arriving at a new home—and the uncertainty whether it will be forever… Each illustration is masterful, with Badr’s placement of stones as careful as brush strokes, creating figures positioned to tell the whole story without the benefit of facial expressions: dancing, cradling, working; burdened, in danger, at peace.”

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Readers of all ages will find things of value within the pages of the book…The photographed stone arrangements seem oftentimes to pulse with more life than one might think possible. Whether consciously or otherwise, given his media Badr has create figures that suggest the unbreakable spirit of people seeking freedom and opportunity…This rare treasure of a book is likely to remain highly sought-after for some considerable time…Highly recommended.”

CM Magazine

“Readers will be fascinated by the stone-collage illustrations created by Syrian artist Badr, who arranges expressive tableaux of people formed entirely of rocks and pebbles…A unique offering that will open eyes and soften hearts.”


“Brilliant and beautiful and inspiring. A book that should be read with every child in the world! An instant classic as solid as the stones on which it is based!”

Eric Walters, Award-winning author and member of the Order of Canada, co-founder of Creation of Hope

“It’s exquisite! One can only pray that its message will spread and make the difference we need.”

Mem Fox, Award-winning and internationally bestselling children’s book author.

“Stunning, original artwork both childlike and sophisticated; a text that will both break and mend your heart.”

Jane Yolen, Award-winning author of Devil’s Arithmetic and The Stone Angel

“This is an amazing book!! Every teacher should own one.”

Jennifer Maruno, Former Principal at Peel District School Board